Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute creature who always puzzled by human Dignity..

here are they !!giggle during winter

owh so sweet ~_~

little bro being aware from D one nemed STRANGER~~~

OMG!!these cats are too cute!i dont know how to describe~~the fur are too thick

that is arabic it called as himar

did u see the pigeon??haha it was eating rice that I dropped from 1st floor..

these are my fren~~~they were crying for food then i`ve to let them it my sausage..=(

it was too cool during this time..can U see their fluffy fur...owh so pity but i can`t help them..biannata..+__+

"meow~~~would u mind to give us some is cool n we are hungry"

OH GOD~~~~i need a shading place...but nobody can help us!

there are 2 cats?...can U find both of them?..clue:1 is white in color ^^

spoiled cat XP

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