Thursday, December 30, 2010

InNocenT AngleS

what are handsome buddy?^^...we meet at alexandria last time...he is so loyal to wait for his who was praying..standing innocently next to her mum with wide glance looking all over the place..he might be scare

hihi...this cute little her at train station somewhere at ramsis(part of egypt)..on my way to friendly to greet somebody that just sit next to her beloved abi (father)..her name is a i`shah..

hoho have some funny moment with this little meanie..her name is fathimah
1)she use to laugh widely and showing me her          dimple...*(okay we`ve that similiraties huhu)2)I though she still not able to talk but when we stop at a bus station..she was mimic the bus conductor to yell the bus destination...a`syir..a`syir..haha!..her mum and me were burst into huge laugh3)I would like to present her something so i make an origami from money(some amount)but her mum refuse to have it then she asked me to make from a used paper..wanna know what the baby didn`t want to take the origami made from used paer..haha!such a clever young baby        

don`t you see that?..haha! he is a noughty boy...he was playing game from two hand-phone...and disturbing his mum who was driving in a sucks traffic jams...he got a red cheek!

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