Thursday, December 30, 2010

InNocenT AngleS

what are handsome buddy?^^...we meet at alexandria last time...he is so loyal to wait for his who was praying..standing innocently next to her mum with wide glance looking all over the place..he might be scare

hihi...this cute little her at train station somewhere at ramsis(part of egypt)..on my way to friendly to greet somebody that just sit next to her beloved abi (father)..her name is a i`shah..

hoho have some funny moment with this little meanie..her name is fathimah
1)she use to laugh widely and showing me her          dimple...*(okay we`ve that similiraties huhu)2)I though she still not able to talk but when we stop at a bus station..she was mimic the bus conductor to yell the bus destination...a`syir..a`syir..haha!..her mum and me were burst into huge laugh3)I would like to present her something so i make an origami from money(some amount)but her mum refuse to have it then she asked me to make from a used paper..wanna know what the baby didn`t want to take the origami made from used paer..haha!such a clever young baby        

don`t you see that?..haha! he is a noughty boy...he was playing game from two hand-phone...and disturbing his mum who was driving in a sucks traffic jams...he got a red cheek!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

NiGHt walkinG oooor NIte SighTing huhu~~~

a new habit for a bird who just grab the-one-called freedom
just realize night is so beautiful

walking with super frenzy breeze
with your beloved mp3 sing a delicate song
how imperturbable the night is

unfortunately,there is a work waiting fro her
not work but a responsibility to carry on
life must go on..
even the day does n`t work as we have plan before
that is the lucky of a bird
who have the change to spread its wing as wide as possible
not as a duck keep on quacking
just can watch it, without do nothing
 hope the birds not be too frenetic with the enviroment she just get use..
cause tomorrow still uncertainty..
my myogenic organ keep on pumping seems so spiritual to continue the left over

Saturday, December 11, 2010

an incredible hulk??!!not but an incredible superwoman

an incredible woman who work hard while other lazily wake up or still comfortly sleep,

while she blew by the cool,freezy wind of winter in the early morning of middle east

while a young girl opt to sleep rather than continue her reading

this woman continue wash all the cars below the house of the young lady

while the young girl`s hand cram just because she brushed her teeth

this woman powerfully carry a pail of water n soak her entire hand to wet a cloth to wipe the cars..
the young girl wore 3 layer of warm winter clothes but yet the wind of winter cause her shivering


with a single layer of cloth,thin and too old..

fabiayya alaa i robbikuma tukadhzibaan

with a wonderful zest and energy continue doing her job


then young girl have no reason to sleep now..
  she is still young...

 she just reading

shame to wonderful woman...may Allah bless her

Friday, December 10, 2010

pets or friends?....but they are my family member

there are more than pets...
their behavior n action make you definitely fall in love...understand you well..
just the different is they cant talk..if and only if they can..
all the people will shame to them

Monday, December 6, 2010

FOOD~~~~EnegGy SuppLier O HeaRt HeaLer..

ingredients for kimbap

here it`s 1st try
dip crush not pizza..hoho~~~my sister said "mi after this you can open the next pizza franchise "
kon loh mee~~~the best food but If im the one who cook it,I`ll change the chicken with SEAFOOD ^^...i lovee seafood

this is my sushi flight from kota kinabalu to labuan...freshy~~~

it`s a korean vegetarian food...i love it because it resemble Chinese food..n i love it because i cook it ^^

i just did n`t remember whether this was my 2nd trial or 3rd..but my lil bro finished it all by his own

haha~~ I argued with my mum about the colour of this cute liltle cake..i love yellow so the color must be in yellow no need to follow the tradition color hoho i said to my mum like that~~~XD then my mum reply "if your future mother in law ask you to make this cake don`t said that im the one who taught you that their color was yellow"
naughty daughter answer:"no worry,i gonna maary an orphanage haha! or if and and on if i have a mother in law I`ll make the cake rainbow in color "haha~~~my mum sure get angry....
                                                                 picnic with sushi
                                                   sushi for breakfast,sushi for lunch,sushi for dinner...sushi with omelette is                                                      for my little sister...she love to show off with her sushi to her friends..
this is for my sister don`t eat vegetable..

                                          mexican food hmmm....tosco??
Cooking is all about creativity..hehe words that my mum used to say whenever I ask the recipe of her cooking
Love her cook sooo much...well there is said "EVERY CHILD felt THE BEST COOK IS JUST FROM HIS MUM"
I love to cook not only my hometown food but also love to cook food from different country hoho~~
Every time I went outing with my siblings,we spend more on food rather than shopping haha..Normally we did n`t shopping but we go to play game yeah complete the task of outing(ha?! task?)yeah my mum ask us to spend the money to buy THINGS not play haha..if not no more money for outing..OK BACK TO THE TOPIC..huhu
Every time we eat to Korean,Japanese or Italian restaurant my bro will complain
e.g of his conversation
"arh! not tasty prefer roti canai more.. "
"better you cook nasi goreng for me"
"YAKH! what are strange taste"
haha actually he is a bit spoil even he is 15 years old right now..XD
Thus i`ll try to redo the food again at home try to make it suit for our sabahan-food-taste.
gathering the ingredient??yeah it is a bit it not a local food but COOKING IS all about creativity hoho

Thursday, December 2, 2010

when your dreams became reality...^^

it was just a dream of a weird little girl,
who love to talk what ever in her mind.. sometimes she thought that she was the only one who have such demand after HARRY POTTER...yeah i`m a witch...i`m proud im a witch..such a weird nothing but keep on wanting something out of HUMAN hard she have to deal with her live...nobody knows..and no body should...everybody thought she is transparent but yet the light ray from their eye have been refracted huhu..she is an opaque DEFINITELY cannot guest what in her mid JUST CAn...instead of seeing her laugh she might cry..<

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FIRST`s just begin..

Cherry...cherry...look over`s sparkling again?..Am I right?”
“Please`s  kind of working”
“But we mi..”
“Haruna chan..Please just keep silent!”
The atmosphere is too heavy for everybody. Looking toward their hard work during these few day to reach the goal.
pip..pip..pip..pip..pip..pip..Now the light make a sound which timber everyone heart..
“cherry, haruna chan, zastin and Mike...”
“Yes captain”~Zastin
“Yupp, captaain”~Mike
“Captain, I’m here”~haruna chan
“It is just begun.”
“Haruna chan...I’ll take care of you”~zastin show out his hand asking for haruna chan looking to her with a granted eyes..Eyes of a confident man..
“eehh??(shock with big eyes and move one step backward)..”
zastin also a bit shock when see haruna chan refuse him..Still with pride,he give a bow and turn back give chance for haruna chan and herself
“zastin, arigotonaa..”haruna chan just menology it..
There is another world has been created between zastin and haruna chan that they believe only the owner of the world know it without aware of a pair of eye..
This evening, somewhere in this abandon jungle, all the creature show that they are in ready to welcome summer seasons. Leafs falling down, effect of the bright evening sun the leafs color as red as the light of the solar. In this jungle there are group of people in uncertainty direction, in consciousness of their aim. They have no idea where is this place, its look alike in earth but yet still differ in sight of CAPTAIN WHICH RICH WITH UNPREDICTABLE EXPERIENCE