Sunday, March 4, 2012

Red-LETTER day at red sea Hurghada

how the 3 *** rated hotel look like...

it is comfortable n space enough though...however it still not beyond redemption...;p...2 more ** to achieve

sort of mall along the way back home.....going back already???...><

^@^...breath-taking~~~hmmmmHAAAAH!!..the view,once I open my room..

shouldn`t be shilly-shally once  you got opportunity to have a trip to an island around the famous dessert-barren worth!

the beauty of red herring sea water of hurghada...speechless.

redolent sign board  that make you awake since we are moving while others on board to dreamland plus it is in arabic =-="

beneath the sea...I wonder whose living there....wanna know and the gang were the owner of this sea,they entertain people by showing up themselves for timeless performance..they just a red hot stuff off this sea

the port where we gonna start to head to the middle of red sea....hurghada redound your view to Egypt...^^

Pit-stop..where you got chance to bump into numerous fascinating (_=_) foreigner where it is quite hard find them in cairo

we were riding coaster from sayyidina zainab took about about 6-7 the way look-like?....I have no idea since we depart from cairo around 2 am...@`@

"its kinda hard to reach there"...that was in my mind since I`m thought that we have to move crossed the barren dessert in order to reach the seashore...even the fact there is airport here...=-="

still interesting!,,give me chance to see how`s the dessert probably look like..guest what?...I thought the only leaving plant on the dessert will be palm tree n cactus..but see what I had found out? is a GREEN PLANT....

you know what I felt once I saw the was like 'waaaaaaaa' for the first 5 seconds then  I wanna like "ARGHHHHH".....lucky I`m in fully packed coarster

woke up n the sea bay said hyeeeeeee.

the sunrise from the bay window of a coaster bus was not bad at all...=D


the seaweed were blooming, n they are yellow in color~~~~Did you see the hill back there...sort  of rock hill actually...wonderful I never been saw one before

they were like a coral stone that leave on the land...I tried so many time to take a close shot but since the coaster was moving....haizzzz

rock ,sand,plant,sea and sky...hmmm they seems like layers of sumptuous cake...><

Image of reduced circumstances in the middle of cairo city vanished by lil. hurghada town..

enjoying companion...that`s nice about might bump into someone new,because of pleasant enviroment make you to have them like yours...=) even they were  total stranger to you...

they are a lot of foreigner from rusia here...and it was to surprise when the egyptian can speak in france,rusia,itally,spain and english need to mess up your mind to speak in arabic huahuauahua

total may explore the sea floor using submarine,BUT the submarine only have 3 trip per day...wish YOU a the lucky one coz i`m not =-=

but still the english level was ------...yet still better than never right???

open coffee shop...the real egyptian bean but I`m scared they might sale  HEAD BLACK COBRA COFFEEE!!!! coz the accessory of that cafe seriously like a halloween hall


the building of cinema!

sun glasses??? never suit me....=-= Am I need to hire a private sunglasses designer???....XP

you only can found it here....motor riding?? really`s not a crying shame to spend your afternoon on it...feel the wind from sea...

a man with chihuahua....the cihuahua is the dead ringe for his sexy!! ...i`m a nature lover...><

because I loss my sense of sadness , all the sadness turn them to flowery smile, I smile  n laugh it out loud to tell the problem to never and even have a glance to me ever...even sometimes it is tired ....tired to turn all the sadness into a enchanting smile,yet I scare, scare one day I forgot on how to cry, because there is a day I have to tear them down.....=) so let this time I`m fool around

it is a double-edged swan of being a girl.....yet it still a GO to be the one walk to the sun...yeah!be A devil !!

it is hardrock cafe after all!!n antique car!

an anticipating art~~~~behind us

a clever camera in your hand what else need you to do,it just a button to click...see the world behind the lens....capture every irredeemable memory

enthusiasm of natural-lover to peek every corner

delightful wave with rhythm-less sound...astonishing to bash the delightful moment

really for all go day!!

the sea seem busy...but I saw them as a floating crank...may I?

the boat come in various sizes n powers and styles....option in your hand

people enjoying every part of sea...shamelessly..

the 3 rated hotel don`t have iron that`s messy me

human is completely strange,how they manage to smile and forget to laugh at the same time?...blame stimulus to receive the stimuli one by one but not as one...

sometimes....sometimes...sometimes...I don`t know how to smile in font of the lens where bounce of people wer watching me....yet I still need to give a least

enjoying the wind

experiencing the sun

bonding the relation

having a lining (this boat used to sell soft drink to the boat at the middle of sea with super duper exploding-eye price)

have you ever wonder how`s the feeling if the ocean is just a solidified jelly....much more playful....><

won`t forgot the most popular side of deck of boat

heading first or second it doesn`t matter...the fact we are reaching the same destination..even if you leave first it not make a confirmation that you are the winner... right?

n here I performed the same poss....with the most popular poss of titanic,with important person.....she is the person that I can see with respect...=)

while some heading straight toward the destination, leaving unconcernedly the shipwreck companion... take many alphabet to built it up...but only one shot to describe it....=)


the town from a far

the passenger enjoying the panorama diligently

once you saw the destination...U might think swimming will be much easier than riding the is so slow....>< or I just so curious how the paradise island looklike

man in black?....

there is nothing odd here and there...because every is up for something, to busy with their own aimless desire...please blame nobody

n still seeking for a nice shot

finally I got one

the wind that blowing while the boat was moved, the one that beat your gourmet seem like asking you to be a law unto yourself...just for and the take me endlessly nowhere

yeah a crowd of people looking for the astonishing dolphin...they swimming as a might saw them as wave...

we are all for colonizing that island

nice blue, blithesome blue.peaceful blue

quenched of water...burn you enthusiasm

the sea that rich with its various content to give human being a living that worth to grateful with...whether filling their stomach or filling their pocket...

we using the small boat to reach the shore

the first island I saw without green color,no hills,no plant, all the time I draw island with coconut tree..but now I guest I have to change it...

it is a rock shaped by the wave

the boats were park hereby

what do you see?....N what do you expect you to see?...=)

emptied the take around 5 minute from the fibre-glass boat to the shore

we all ear to hear the instruction from my friends senior to take the snap

chicky poss...eewww...GROSS!..aha

come from every places by any mean......

busy here...yet the sound of nature take care everything...

soaked "stuff" the sea felt a lil.bit different...n alil bit salty

n it still awesome...playing water during summer nothing better than this

spend the 1 hour carelessly...what a lovely boy

and those sitting on the shore the lens will be your responsible

n here you go...we snap a memory of paradise know what in my mind...the paradise island where the a scene of 'boys of flower'
a korean movie was my head....><
this Job is a snap yet.....I act like a bag =-="...since I dont have the ability to swim as a mermaid perhaps....

tantalizing from a far make me wonder how it look in no distance

land a hand to those who wanna drop down from the boat...i grab one set of swimming appliances at first then silently put it heart twissted for no reason

jealousy full fill me by the time

still keep the thing that should be keep...wonderful

...yet still able the mesmerizing-doubtless stuff by an incident

oneday I will+_+

nice quack huh??.....but the past still haunt me.....i hope I have lost that memory

yeah~~it is the flag of country.....being swap away countlessly

play hard...


lets rest your mind....the sky is clear.the sea a clean

 a lunch on the boat....I wonder are full the hungry stomach or a restless mind?

still whatever you consume the taste buds satisfied....=) thank god to give us the chance

the inner side of the boat

a fish boat....

everybody heading to the dock

n some were not

this is the q sequenced pictures....start from bottom to the envy me to that bird...the bird dont need to charge for boat to see the entire different between he CANT swin...n  I DONT swim anymore

from golden to orange...the sky change its you know who is the owner? undeniable power,,,

the air bubble...have you ever been think like...what happen if the ocean is just a glass? deep is gonna be?

perfume without alcohol...made in the middle of dessert..same ages with the mumia technique....quite interesting

even the manufacture  of bottle...

the owner even offer a mint tea for a fever-cold customer...

night in da town

time to you wandering around

and it gonna be timeless,more fresh. n free with bicycle...I do not know how to describe how much I like riding this stuff

thing for you experience quart bike...where the  track gonna be the dessert

the leaving hurghada is still a must...sunset at the dessert seriously so wonderful....same phenomena,just different view,different place,different time brought different feeling to the same single person...

how`s the journey go on..i gonna tell you next time...this is the promise dear keep on waiting patiently..K?

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