Monday, June 20, 2011

23 hours in Dubai

(THE PICTUREs THAT I LET IT IN THE LARGE SIZE ARE THE SCENE I LOVE THE MOST)the croissant-------yummmm SUCH A HUGE!! always come first when you reach into new place...but seems like 23 hours didn`t enough  to refill the stomach of HUNGER!
 Nice is made by hand! what an art huh?...and normally it is used as a gift to newly there any secret behind it? Next time when I drop by in Dubai I`ll gonna asK it on the behave of all of the viewer ok?

BIG APPLE??? 4 won`t hard to consume it when it was so beautiful haizzzz what an art!!I guest I become such appreciator of ARt after gone back from Dubai

night view...i think catching a picture while moving should one of stand point in order to have unique pictures ...huhu just an idea..after all capturing picture it not mean to catch the view only,it is about color,figure and stand point

see...i`ve told you right

when the country was to well organized,got the feeling like outcast?

haha best part in this runaway is THE is SUPERB

view from is small but just elegant

Advantage:easy to figure out the outsider...Disadvantage:easy to figure out by the outsider...ngeh-ngeh

the top of this cylinder like hotel is swimming pool huhahuhahuha....n is small but COMPLETE

okay she is me???....all day long haven`t rest even for a while so even vacation or traveling is fun but it is pretty tired but YET Still awesome!!have a nice stamina then everything will be take care


nice view out of window of our room...even it is just for moment but Dubai left a very enormous impression for me THUS we`ll plan to drop by again the question is WHEN???hahajust wait see


you have the feel?i mean the feel to be abandoned in a strange planet...all by  your own

hmmm another best part about this trip...I am spending my vacation with some senior and junior from the same school,where before this we didn`t have much time to talk coz everybody have their own business i mean busy studying...and it is for FREEEEE

unique design..

yeah! A moment to remember--

still didn`t get the feeling?


so you got the idea the location of the mosque

I like the way of the people speak english here-----

yeah! it inside the shopping mall!hmmm the mission are FOoD n souvenir for my ownself (^-+).

I like this one the most

somewhere nowhere!^^ i learn this word here in DUbai (pronounce as teubai)

time is limited but there are still a lot to see

haa! this is the one of a reason i called Dubai as an unknown planet...nationality of citizen is hard to describe and and and there all just where one type of clothes same pattern,same colour,and of course same style...are these their uniform??okay im way away from reality-------ngeeeeeng gamma ray appear showing my IMIGINATIOn gegeegegege

It had been a while when I went there...just able to show it now...huhu Im staying in DUBAI FOR FREE  that the story haha...such a coincident!huhu as we arrive there around 9 pm something .So there is nothing to see other than the dancing light...First impression i`ve when we were arrive was...hmmm am I landing on different country or different planet?there is no people around,and you barely able to see the citizen...and if you able to meet it just make yourself drawn into huge puzzle...huhu because  you can`t detect the people image or races...whether they are arabic or guest their blood is pretty mixed..even the english they used is kinda weird..thought it is because the accent...hmm it is a well organized and cleanest  country i`ve ever see....there a lot of foreigner as well and most of them a from Asia...even the salesman will ask you nationality by the question "ARE YOU FROM Asia?"...Asian is well known with the ability to seek job around the you can see the picture inside ADIDAS shop all the workers are from philipine...and they used to yell OWHH!! MY PEOPLES FROM must be nice to bump into each in somewhere nowhere  haha

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