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Pyramid is A MUST!!! as you visiting egypt

living the hectic CAIRO city to the open dessert..

the river bank which is lush with sweet potato that come in orange and purple colour~~~~GUguma...baked guguma are the best during winter that is when your stomach always demanding for more food ><

Nile river....while i`m staying on the bridge of Nile river somehow part of me is flying away to Han river......one fine day for sure i`ll reach there

field of LEEk!!!!!everybody must be so impressed on my ability to detect kind of botanical plant from afar hehe...

fog of early morning in early winter....damn cool!

the palm tree without its fruit!...this suppose to be a date tree...normally during summer dates "garden" are the most harvested as it will ripe richly....the fly and bee prove that it is the best time to harvest the date ><.....still dates from African continent is the best among the others..

country side view

Here we came the pyramid!!it is beautifully covered by the sky or fog...there is some interesting fact i want to let you all know::  it was winter when Iwas visiting one of 6 most wonder thing in the world,HOWEVER, you still might to get sunburn WITHIN the area of pyramid, you still manage to feel how strong and strike the sun shine which is impossible to feel that way during winter....well you may not believe it but let`s have a try..+-*

the view from the entrance door.. yupp you need to pay for entrance ticket...thought there is nothing free in this world right now =-=....yet saliva is free to consume thus there is still FREE talk right until now XP

how bright the sun around 7 am during winter...my first though was::WOW this is unpredictable

it had been therefor hundred century yet still tough and strong...

the view from bottom of pyramid...actually there are almost 280 pyramids in egypt however the most popular was in Giza that is in the middle of dessert (not really that middle actually)..and here in Giza was believed as the largest pyramid ever..

look at the structure of million year age stone...i wonder what kind of stones were they,which can stand over powerful sandstorm....wonderful huh??haha thought that the reason it was named after 7 wonders of world

closer view of the stones....blocks of stones. The textures are somehow like the surface of flat coral

as it is the center of attraction of tourist many kind of people came to feel the wondrous by their own and some people carry out some ritual which I curious on what purpose they are doing that...heee

model on action!!><

another snap!!well this is the largest pyramid in egypt which I do not know the high as I came with free hand .(I mean don`t have a proper tour guide which can explain every single question that I wonder) so moral of story visiting something incredible with the experienced one!the name of this pyramid is KHUFU

From the information who can be trusted told me that this place before was a city of firaun which in command of Ramsis son of Firaun which was brother of Moses or Musa a.s.The city was destroyed over by power of prohet Musa.a.s as Firaun punished and tortured the poor people to make the pyramid and all those statue of their God without clemency and mercy

the sun completely hidden behind the pyramid....no wonder the Firaun proud of his ability till he forgot that he is one of LIVING things in this world

Another  pyramid...there are three pyramid with different name and height in Giza....this is the 2nd heigher..
look at that.....

okay...this was my first time saw camel after i`ve arrived in egypt so a bit SAKAI...(sakai is sabahan{borneo of malaysia} language which mean EXCESSIVELY IMPRESSED!!LOL)

the dessert look peaceful SOMEHOW........

nobody know where is the end of it....

and another fact  actually cairo is surrounded by dessert...a developed city in the middle of unsorted dessert p/s no wonder t is named MIDDLE  EASt XP

Actually in Giza there is a place which most probably the stand point for all the viewer able to see all of the three pyramids...and it is the nice place to snap picture...however as it is The only stand point it is a bit crowded,and as well the business  never failed  from making the deal between the tourist...some stupendous fact the egyptians who carry out their business here are able to speak ample of language to impress their customer which came from all over the world...so there is still a BIt satisfaction medal over there =)

this is the place the stand point i told you before HOWEVER i forgot the name =( remember TO bring a proper TOURIST GUIDE!!

nice view!!...what will be the view of sunset from the hill or mountain of sand i mean desert heee....

next time i`l come around WITH A PROPER + EXPERIENCED TOURIST GUIDE....

the view  of city that supposed to be there!

camel!!it is smelly actually hehe...in standard arabic it is called jamal and in egyptian it is called gamal!!

ya!!that`s Mr.sphinx  without nose!!..

the sphinx...head of man and body of lion...actually it is only a  mythical creature believed by egyptian n greek...however the greek sphinx are totally different than egyptian sphinx...because sphinx of greek was believed have pair of wing, and face with breast of woman while egyptian sphinx just like the picture above BUT the sphinx cat is totally resemble the picture above

did you see the pyramid behind the sphinx???okay the sphinx and the pyramid of KHAFRA are combo!!if you take picture from front of the sphinx in any angel...they are both duel combo always come in two ><

wanna know why they always come in two???...this is because the mythical believe is the sphinx as guardian which is always flanking around the temple(pyramid of khafra)

so actually this is the main entrance to the temple@ pyramid

actually I have fever during this time because of high temperature in the first pyramid....and the sudden change of temperature....human body get easily to sun stroke! and I still manage to continue the trip which only last around 1 a.m..huh!

the scene of old cairo city....meanwhile cairo divided into old cairo known as Nasr city and new cairo

kind of barrier which is build long time ago

Add caption

castle and bastion of salehudin

another place where you should go....

the wall is height enough but yet still able to be pierced by the opponent....the wall are strong enough to be destroyed by ordnance...the proof is???..it is still standing right there until today

the fortification

miraculous mosque

I love this picture...must be so beautiful if somebody want to draw it on a canvas...

there is museum with in it....

the main entrance to the museum of....museum of????..not remember but camera are prohibited =(

one of the gun used...

the day before the journey started....

another apology for those who are blog walkin` in my blog coz i still cant feel up the last task dis latest pictures seems to have same fate hahaXP~~~~update sooon when Im totally free that is on SUMMER HOLYDAY~~~weeeee~~~whatt tyme is it summer tyme!!huhu see you all soon~~~jaa~~

IM DONE EDITING ^^ hope it will be useful and enjoy it...thought the fact not too much 

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