Thursday, March 10, 2011

zagazig~~~(part of egypt)

hehe unspeakable~~~nature beauty no doubt at all!
the small nile river~~~luv this view made me feel like im next to eiffel tower~~~boooo
this is the our dinner~~steamed rice which rich with chicken flavor,Lebanese bread, quarter of roasted chicken some salad n cheeseee....the white liquid in the small plate known as~~~~hmmm hehe 4got liao!
this how they made the famous creep from zagazig~~~if korea famous with the dishes sell at the road side name as buldokggi,then zagazig with its creep!!ngeh-ngeh!! ;p
Food must be eaten once you arrived at zagzig~~~this name as creep!3 choices of feeling,chicken,beef, or turkey~~this one was turkey creep with mozzarella~~~~~~...
3 largest statue for zagazig-ian is the mosque, Small Nile river, and Zagazig University. These show the zagaziq people pay a full attention about education,region and their allowance~~~

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