Sunday, January 16, 2011

Always in meMory...May Allah punish those who Are needed

Name:celup...a vicious cat mum but so mingle wif the owner

Name: Minam-nam...clever,energetic n loyal cat

cute kitty:left:U,middle:kirana right:galang...the well growth kitty

 can U see how friendly nam-nam with my wild bolt....bolt going to miss U for sure nam-nam
alll of them were passed take a long time before i can post this article...i really love them so thing I cant accept that they dead because our heartless neighbor poison them..arh!and this not the first time!I cant believe that she still doing these come she can do this just because of jealousy?...owh i think she is a blind minded people.~~~~if and only if im at my house im sure will get the revenge but not to poison her cat...i`ll inform all the neighborhood about her bad side..i`ll make her shame to live within that area...
huh! dear nam-nam,celup and baby kittten ...I know all of know how much U bring us happiness,sweet memory,with ur behavior,your talent,your well manner, we ginna miss U...i really do miss all of U right now...i felt guilty because im too far to protect all of U,and too far to get the revenge...then I let Allah to punish d satan~~~~.......i really cant help pretty sure how my sister and mom cry during the death...because they are not nothing but everything to us...their action heal my mum tiredness....and made my crying lil sis to burst into come they able to do such are cruel thing to my innocent cats..?let the powerful god punish reallt looking forward it

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