Monday, January 24, 2011

AlexanDria~~~(part of egypt)

fortress of sultan salehuddin al ayubi next to seashore~~~

The largest library in Iskandariah~~it is the point of tourist attraction

the road next to sea in the dawn~~~~ocean air very fresh!

the entrance gate to hadiqah(park) in  alexandria...

a brigde inside the hadiqah which connect between the port for the shIp to land and the passenger to boarding

the beautiful and clear seashore that U only can found inside the hadiqah at alexandria~~~only 1 in egypt

 the wall of the largest library~~the desighn capture people attraction

example of buildings at alexandria~~~unique design by ancient arcitect..

the direction boards are in arabic

this is a real castle that has been preserved.No visitor allow to enter it to maintain the structure as it aged hundred years..weee

some part of the park with the theme of middle east plant with some fantastic design of house

Another capture!

the natural design of stone-clay like

the end of the park...can u see it?do u know how large the this park?

this is a real castle..hmmm im 4got the name

yeah!u can rent the boat if u wish so~~~

i luv the view so much!!when u really demand for it once u get it feel like heaven~~~ngeh-ngeh!

From the previous pict.i told U about the bridge that connect between the place of sheep departure and the place for passenger to wait for abroad!n now here is the BRIDGE!

the view from the bridge~~~can u imagine where is my location to take the pict of the bridge b4??hehe~~^^
...the green view are from the park at alexzandria...hmm i gonna update soon...^^ some view was taken from the near by mall..hmm it is a town which develop very well near the seaside...i guess this is one of the beautiful place that the tourist use to visit once they arrived at egypt...thought the pictures are not that much but at least it can give you some idea how ALEXZANDRIA do look like...i`ll going to update with the history of the place for every single picture...okay?..

addition during edition~~~XP

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