Sunday, December 12, 2010

NiGHt walkinG oooor NIte SighTing huhu~~~

a new habit for a bird who just grab the-one-called freedom
just realize night is so beautiful

walking with super frenzy breeze
with your beloved mp3 sing a delicate song
how imperturbable the night is

unfortunately,there is a work waiting fro her
not work but a responsibility to carry on
life must go on..
even the day does n`t work as we have plan before
that is the lucky of a bird
who have the change to spread its wing as wide as possible
not as a duck keep on quacking
just can watch it, without do nothing
 hope the birds not be too frenetic with the enviroment she just get use..
cause tomorrow still uncertainty..
my myogenic organ keep on pumping seems so spiritual to continue the left over

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