Saturday, December 11, 2010

an incredible hulk??!!not but an incredible superwoman

an incredible woman who work hard while other lazily wake up or still comfortly sleep,

while she blew by the cool,freezy wind of winter in the early morning of middle east

while a young girl opt to sleep rather than continue her reading

this woman continue wash all the cars below the house of the young lady

while the young girl`s hand cram just because she brushed her teeth

this woman powerfully carry a pail of water n soak her entire hand to wet a cloth to wipe the cars..
the young girl wore 3 layer of warm winter clothes but yet the wind of winter cause her shivering


with a single layer of cloth,thin and too old..

fabiayya alaa i robbikuma tukadhzibaan

with a wonderful zest and energy continue doing her job


then young girl have no reason to sleep now..
  she is still young...

 she just reading

shame to wonderful woman...may Allah bless her

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