Monday, December 6, 2010

FOOD~~~~EnegGy SuppLier O HeaRt HeaLer..

ingredients for kimbap

here it`s 1st try
dip crush not pizza..hoho~~~my sister said "mi after this you can open the next pizza franchise "
kon loh mee~~~the best food but If im the one who cook it,I`ll change the chicken with SEAFOOD ^^...i lovee seafood

this is my sushi flight from kota kinabalu to labuan...freshy~~~

it`s a korean vegetarian food...i love it because it resemble Chinese food..n i love it because i cook it ^^

i just did n`t remember whether this was my 2nd trial or 3rd..but my lil bro finished it all by his own

haha~~ I argued with my mum about the colour of this cute liltle cake..i love yellow so the color must be in yellow no need to follow the tradition color hoho i said to my mum like that~~~XD then my mum reply "if your future mother in law ask you to make this cake don`t said that im the one who taught you that their color was yellow"
naughty daughter answer:"no worry,i gonna maary an orphanage haha! or if and and on if i have a mother in law I`ll make the cake rainbow in color "haha~~~my mum sure get angry....
                                                                 picnic with sushi
                                                   sushi for breakfast,sushi for lunch,sushi for dinner...sushi with omelette is                                                      for my little sister...she love to show off with her sushi to her friends..
this is for my sister don`t eat vegetable..

                                          mexican food hmmm....tosco??
Cooking is all about creativity..hehe words that my mum used to say whenever I ask the recipe of her cooking
Love her cook sooo much...well there is said "EVERY CHILD felt THE BEST COOK IS JUST FROM HIS MUM"
I love to cook not only my hometown food but also love to cook food from different country hoho~~
Every time I went outing with my siblings,we spend more on food rather than shopping haha..Normally we did n`t shopping but we go to play game yeah complete the task of outing(ha?! task?)yeah my mum ask us to spend the money to buy THINGS not play haha..if not no more money for outing..OK BACK TO THE TOPIC..huhu
Every time we eat to Korean,Japanese or Italian restaurant my bro will complain
e.g of his conversation
"arh! not tasty prefer roti canai more.. "
"better you cook nasi goreng for me"
"YAKH! what are strange taste"
haha actually he is a bit spoil even he is 15 years old right now..XD
Thus i`ll try to redo the food again at home try to make it suit for our sabahan-food-taste.
gathering the ingredient??yeah it is a bit it not a local food but COOKING IS all about creativity hoho

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