Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FIRST CHAPTER~..it`s just begin..

Cherry...cherry...look over there...it`s sparkling again?..Am I right?”
“Please silent..it`s  kind of working”
“But we mi..”
“Haruna chan..Please just keep silent!”
The atmosphere is too heavy for everybody. Looking toward their hard work during these few day to reach the goal.
pip..pip..pip..pip..pip..pip..Now the light make a sound which timber everyone heart..
“cherry, haruna chan, zastin and Mike...”
“Yes captain”~Zastin
“Yupp, captaain”~Mike
“Captain, I’m here”~haruna chan
“It is just begun.”
“Haruna chan...I’ll take care of you”~zastin show out his hand asking for haruna chan looking to her with a granted eyes..Eyes of a confident man..
“eehh??(shock with big eyes and move one step backward)..”
zastin also a bit shock when see haruna chan refuse him..Still with pride,he give a bow and turn back give chance for haruna chan and herself
“zastin, arigotonaa..”haruna chan just menology it..
There is another world has been created between zastin and haruna chan that they believe only the owner of the world know it without aware of a pair of eye..
This evening, somewhere in this abandon jungle, all the creature show that they are in ready to welcome summer seasons. Leafs falling down, effect of the bright evening sun the leafs color as red as the light of the solar. In this jungle there are group of people in uncertainty direction, in consciousness of their aim. They have no idea where is this place, its look alike in earth but yet still differ in sight of CAPTAIN WHICH RICH WITH UNPREDICTABLE EXPERIENCE

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